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Our Favorite Car Combos

Car Combinations, Girls BedroomLeslee Mitchell

We are oftentimes asked by art store customers to help them decide on which cars to include in a set for their wall. It usually goes something like this: "I love your cars so much, but I just can't make a decision on what cars go together best. Please help!" So, we decided to put together some of our personal favorite car combinations. Some of the car combos below are from customers who shared photos showing the cars installed in their homes. The rest of the combos below are mockups we created after seeing cars customers purchased together as sets that we thought were really great. 

With that said....from what we can tell after watching the art orders since we launched the art store two years ago, there are two types of customers who purchase the car prints: 
                     1.  Customers who buy the car prints based on the colors of the cars, and
                     2. Customers who buy the car prints because they love the type of car (e.g.,
                         Ford Bronco fans, Jeep Wagoneer fans, Land Rover fans, VW fans)

Combo 1:  We love this combo from a recent customer order of 9 cars, 1 for each color of the rainbow. We thought it was a genius set & wanted to share so I created this mockup 🌈☀️When all else fails, just go with the colors of the rainbow!


Combo 2:  This car combo falls under the “this customer loves a Ford Bronco” set. We love it and we've got just about every color Bronco you could want for the Bronco fan 🚙 The Broncos are loved by customers of all ages. 


Combo 3:  We still can’t get over this combo put together by @nobledesigns. Never in 1 million years could any of us have come up with this and we LOVE it. It’s almost like the @hyggeandwest wallpaper and the cars were made to be together. We would say this combo was chosen both for the colors of the cars and the different types of cars. @nobledesigns you are a creative genius 🤓


Combo 4:  This is a car combo we noticed in a recent order and loved immediately. This combo is definitely based on the types of cars....all construction trucks. Not only do we love the three construction trucks as a set, the customer ordered them all in 16x24. We have no doubt that at 16x24 each this combo makes a huge statement on their wall. 

Combo 5:  Because girls love cars, too! Searching for a cool way to update your daughter's room? We have the perfect, PINK solution for you!!


Combo 6:  We love when customers throw an airplane in the mix with their car print set. That’s what @laurapong did here with her 6 piece car combo. Well done, Laura 🚗🚕✈️🚙


Combo 7:  Still having a hard time deciding what cars to combine for your wall, go with primary colors because it's tough to go wrong with them. Notice, too, that with the bedside table pulling in the color red this room now has the colors of the rainbow 🌈(again....when all else fails, just go with the colors of the rainbow!).


Combo 8:  Planes, trains and automobiles!!! Yet another car combo we would have never come up with, but we think is BRILLIANT. Notice how they chose primary colors to represent each type of transportation. So good!


Combo 9: Is it possible to experience love at first sight with a big boy room? We can confirm that yes, it is. We are head over heels in L🐸VE with this big boy room design by @katiedavisdesign with two of our airplanes ✈️. So simple and so perfect. Thank you so much @katiedavisdesign for sharing your #lesleemitchellart. Ben is one lucky little guy. The red 💯@framebridge frames are sooooo good. Looks like two 8x10 vertical airplane prints are just the right fit for above a twin bed. 🛌 Noted. 👌🏻


Combo 10:  For the teenage girl who has outgrown pink, we've got a combo for you as well. We love these three cars because each falls on the more feminine side in both type and color. Perfect for any hip girl looking for cool art for her empty walls. We love how the three cars colors work with the colors in this room. So good!